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George. 20. UK.

So I sit here in the dark being bathed in light from my computer screen typing my first post. I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure as of why I’m doing this, blogging has never really been a matter of interest for me, I guess because I just assume people don’t really care what I have to say, but fuck people. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be one of my many fads in which I’ll just forget about in a few weeks, or even days. It seems like this will be good for me, I like to write, but have nothing to write about, so random musings might help. I guess the main injection of inspiration came from my buddy Harry, I happened to see him put a post of his on our friend’s wall and I decided to check it out. Here’s hoping a bright and productive friendship between me and tumblr begins to flourish, if not I’ll just go back to internet porn.

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